We’re on a mission to help families raise money-smart kids

What are money smarts?

Money smarts

[muh-nee smaats] noun

A set of skills, habits and behaviours that allow us to manage our money wisely,  also known as 'financial literacy'.

Why do they matter?

adults in the world are financially illiterate1

We live in a world where 2 in 3 adults are financially illiterate. Meaning, they lack the skills to manage their money properly, achieve their financial goals and improve their standard of living. 

Skills that we must teach our kids, or this will become their reality.

of parents surveyed believe kids’ money smarts are their responsibility2

of parents are reluctant to even talk to their kids about money3

of parents surveyed don’t think schools are doing enough to teach kids about money4

So, what’s missing?

Money smarts are not something you learn in the classroom. It's a life skill that requires real decision-making, conceptual understanding and influence from those around you.

And while 98% of parents agree money smarts are essential for a good life5, they do next to nothing about it. Some don’t have the time and others think it's too complicated and don't know where to start. So they put it off and financial literacy becomes a tomorrow problem.

That’s why we created Spriggy.

The science of Spriggy

We’re on a mission to help families raise money-smart kids.

3 years old

The age kids start to understand basic money concepts7.

7 years old

The age kids’ money habits are starting to form7 .

Our philosophy
Learn by doing
Research shows that the best way for kids to learn is to let them give it a go8.

Kids need the opportunity to experience money in real situations, the joys of completing their goals and even learn from the little mistakes they may make.
Our method
The fun factor
Studies show when fun is involved, kids get involved in learning9.

Kids are more engaged,  highly motivated and even remember the things they’ve learned better.

Our ‘fun factor’ is how we help turn ‘money smarts’ into an effective solution for parents.
Our method
The digital experience
Money today is much more than cash and coins. According to the RBA10 bank notes and cash withdrawals have been on a sharp decline and digital payments are the way of the future.

Kids see parents tapping their cards and paying online more than they see them using cash. Spriggy gives kids a safe way to experience digital money and learn about finance in a way that’s relevant to their world.

Our products

Spriggy pocket money

Australia’s most loved Pocket Money app & prepaid Visa card

Spriggy Schools

The all-in-one school payments app

The all-in-one school payments app

Our partners and investors

We are backed by some of Australia’s most well-regarded technology investors, including Grok Ventures, NAB Ventures and Perennial Investments,  who are helping bring Spriggy’s ambitious vision to life.
We also work with globally renowned product and brand partners including, Warner Bros and Disney, to continue to build reliable, safe and fun products for our members.